DJI Matrice 300 drone mounted the methane leakage detector

The DJI M300 drone mounts the CRDS methane monitoring module for methane leakage detection, support quantitative monitoring of methane at the ppm-level. It has excellent detection limit and resolution in the same class, and the monitoring principle meets the requirements of national standards; the supporting data visualization and analysis software can transform the data into an intuitive decision basis in real-time.


  • 1ppm ultra-high precision, quantitative monitoring of ppm-level methane, with excellent detection limit and resolution in the same level.
  • In line with national standards, the product is based on the optical cavity oscillation decay method (CRDS), inhalation, non-telemetry.
  • Single target gas, only sensitive to methane (CH4).
  • Visual analysis software enables real-time and post-event analysis of the collected data.
  • Second-level response, real-time data recording, quick decision-making, and saving operation time.
  • Seamlessly compatible with DJI M300 drones, you can view data and control devices in real-time directly on the remote control or in the cloud.

Excellent performance, optical cavity oscillation decay method (CRDS), excellent gas selectivity:

excellent gas selectivity, CRDS is only sensitive to methane.
High Sensitivity: CRDS can monitor gases in seconds.
Strong signal-to-noise ratio: CRDS performs signal sampling for light attenuation conditions, captures the signal with high signal-to-noise ratio, and has little influence of external interference; at the same time, it has an automatic calibration function.

As an emerging high-precision spectral absorption technology in recent years, CRDS has become the main tool for analyzing various trace or trace substances.

Two types of operation can be selected flexibly, 1: Inhalation of gas around the equipment for selection, 2: Inhalation of gas on the surface for selection (*Compliant with US EPA standard (USEPA Method 21)).

 DJI M300 drone methane leakage detector

Real-time warning, the DJI M300 drone methane leakage detector is equipped with a high-brightness concentration warning light, which can give real-time warning when the methane concentration exceeds the preset limit.

After the inspection task is over, you can export the PDF task report/CSV data table with one click.