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El sistema de mecanismo de liberación de caída de carga útil del dron DJI M300 se engancha con la cámara

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The visual M300 drone payload drop release system is based on DJI PSDK, 4 airdrop hooks design, built-in camera, and unlimited order drop. Easy to mount without power on. The Pilot APP displays the payload mounting status in real-time, the HD image transmission is precisely aimed, and it can be dropped and released immediately with a single click. The minimum airdrop weight is 0.1g, and the maximum airdrop weight is 5kg. Compatible with DJI M200 V2 series and M300 RTK.


  • Mounting detection, four hooks mounting positions, unlimited order, automatic identification of the mounting position, and the Pilot APP displays the mounting status of each position in real-time.
  • Built-in camera, integrated with a full-featured camera, can take pictures and video playback, real-time 1080P image transmission, easy to aim at the delivery target, and achieve accurate delivery.
  • Through the DJI Pilot APP control, controls the independent hooks, no limit to the order, that is, click and drop. You can also cast all 4 hooks with one key, which is efficient and fast.
  • Manual hanging, no need to power on and start, you can mount payload.
Modelo del Producto PTS4
Interfaz eléctrica DJI SkyPort V2
Tamaño 57.4 x 57.4 x 54 mm
Peso 135g
Modelos compatibles Matriz 300 RTK?Matriz 200 V2
La mayor parte del poder 10W
Formato de codificación h264
Cámara ¿Fotografía? ¿Video? ¿Reproducción? descargar
Distancia de vídeo as far as the DJI M300 drone
Cantidad de montaje 4
Mounting weight 5kg
Peso total 20kg
función de entrega Single point drop and one key full drop
Modo de instalación DJI SKYPORT
Temperatura de trabajo -10 ? ~ 50 ?
Temperatura de almacenamiento -20 ? ~ 60 ?

DJI M300 drone drop release hook with camera

Información adicional

Peso 2 kg
Dimensiones 22 × 22 × 22 cm