Air Payload Drop Release Mechanism for DJI M350

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The DJI m350 drone air payload drop release mechanism, based on DJI SDK, controls the airdropper via DJI Pilot, 4 hooks that have a max payload capacity of up to 20 kg. It allows for the precise and rapid delivery of critical supplies in emergencies.

  1. Seamless Integration: Designed specifically for the DJI M350 drone, ensuring a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.
  2. Precision Engineering: Crafted with high-quality materials and precise engineering to maintain the drone’s balance and stability during payload drops.
  3. Remote Control Compatibility: Compatible with DJI remote controllers, allowing for easy and intuitive control of payload release from a safe distance.
  4. Versatile Payload Options: Supports a variety of payloads, including emergency supplies, agricultural products, scientific instruments, and more.
  5. Lightweight Design: Adds minimal weight to the drone, ensuring optimal performance and flight time.
  6. Quick Installation: Easy-to-follow instructions and tool-free installation make setup a breeze, getting you up and running in no time.


Model No PT4
Size 59*59*93mm
Weight 210g
Function 1. Can simultaneously mount 4 items and drop them in sequence
2. identification of the mounting status of each hook, LED display of the feeding position, locking the throwing device to prevent accidental contact.,
3. The maximum loading weight 20Kg, (the actual load weight is based on the drone’s load capacity)
4. Abnormal information display
Load weight each hook max  payload load weight 5Kg, a total 20Kg,
Control & Operation DJI Pilot 2
Control distance As far as drone flight
Working temperature  -20℃ –50 ℃
Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 9 cm