Air Quality pollution monitoring sensor for drone

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DJI M300 drone air quality pollution monitoring sensor, develop on DJI SDK, compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone, using the most advanced sensors that can achieve the accuracy of PPB level. Obtain the concentration information of various air pollutants at one time, air pollution data with latitude and longitude and time stamps, and transmit them to the supporting software in real-time for intelligent visual analysis, and automatically generate the pollution concentration distribution map in real-time. After the task is completed, one-click task generation reports and data tables.


  1. The Prophet AM drone air quality monitoring sensor is a high-precision air monitoring instrument that is compatible with the DJI M300.
  2.  Precision, using the most advanced sensors in the world, can achieve the accuracy of PPB level;
  3. Stability, designed for drones, the special intake air pumping mode and the stable reaction environment of the air chamber eliminate the airflow interference of the propeller;
  4. Integration, integrated with flight control, map, and video capture of drones, easy to operate, no need to control transmission equipment, and improve flight safety.
  5.  easy to use and install, quick release design, special for DJI M300 drone.
  6. Support 9 parameters to detect at the same time,included PM2.5,PM10,SO2,CO,NO2,O3,VOCs ….

The benefits of the integration of software and hardware and drones of the Prophet AM not only let the Customer use the instrument straightforwardly and efficiently, but also use DJI’s data transmission to be stable and reliable, without signal or signal interference, and further ensuring no one. Flight safety of the machine itself. The 4G digital transmission module that comes with the same patchwork product not only has poor signal but also has a significant probability of interfering with the control signals of the sensor and the drone, and there is a risk of crashing at any time.

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