DJI M300 grenades tear gas launcher system

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DJI M300 grenades tear gas launcher system developed on DJI SDK, control and operate via DJI Pilot, compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone platform, Made of durable aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material, shock and impact resistance, can fire up to 6-8 rounds tear gas ammunition at a time, view the launch in real-time through the DJI H20 camera, Widely used in the military, police, explosion-proof, anti-crime.


  1. Based on DJI PSDK, DJI remote control, real-time view launching situation, operate via DJI Pilot.
  2. Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber shell, sturdy and reliable.
  3. Sturdy and reliable, no deformation under 50kg impact, multi-layer anti-static, shock-absorbing design.
  4. Quick-release mount bracket and locking structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, quickly deploy.
  5. 6 /8 tear gas shells are available, special for anti-riot.
  6. Compatible with a variety of 38mm electric primer shock tear gas ammunition.


Size 172X160X217mm(8 tear gas shell)  140X160X180mm (6 tear gas shell)
Weight 1.12Kg (8 tear gas shell)                    1.2Kg ( 6 tear gas shell)
Material aluminum alloy, carbon fiber
Compatibility drone DJI Matrice 300
Installation method Quick-release
Launch method Electric shock / trigger
tear gas shell standard 38mm Electric primer
Loading capacity 6/8 rounds ammunition
Control fire /launching DJI Smart controller- DJI Pilot
Power supply DJI M300 drone power supply
Working voltage 13.6V
Control distance As far as DJI M300 drone flight
Compatibility Camera DJI H20/H20T

DJI Matrice 300 tear gas launcher


Tear Gas Shell

6 tear gas shell, 8 tear gas shell