DJI Matrice 300 drone flamethrower fire thrower

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The DJI M300 drone flamethrower is based on DJI SDK, quick-release design, easy to assemble, controlled by DJI Pilot, It is more efficient to use a high-pressure diaphragm pump. , energy-saving, increasing the nozzle vector control function, improve the operation effect under special flight conditions.

The high-pressure diaphragm pump is used to inject fuel, which is more efficient and energy-saving. High-temperature pulse arc ignition improves ignition efficiency and can ignite a variety of fuels. The design of the nozzle windshield is conducive to rapid ignition and prevention of backfire, eliminating potential safety hazards and ensuring operational safety. and reliability.

The vector control function is added at the front end of the flamethrower, which can provide the fire nozzle angle of ± 30 ° pitch and ± 30 ° direction for the flamethrower device, improving the flexibility and accuracy of the flamethrower under special flight environment and improve the operation efficiency.

DJI M300 OSDK+APP control, OSDK communication method realizes the integration of control channels, which avoids the interference problem of adding one channel of signal control in the traditional way. Using a special APP installed in the M3OORTK remote control, floating on the DJI Pilot App, you can control the fire thrower via the M300’s remote controller-DJI Pilot.

The DJI M300 flamethrower is widely used for powerline inspection, removing obstructions, and attachments from the powerline, used for public safety, and clearing hornet’s nests.


Size 845X55X83mm
Weight 1.1Kg
Installation Quick-release
Power Supply DJI M300 drone
Interface OSDK
Voltage 24V
Power 100W
Oil pump Power 45W
Control OSDK+App
Control distance As far as drone flight
Maximum flow 4.5L/min
Fire distance 3-5M
fuel gasoline
tank capacity 1L
Fire method Pulse arc ignition
Vector control angle Up and down/left and right ±30°

dji m300 drone flamethrower

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm