Heavy-lift High Power optical fiber tethered drone system

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This product is a high-performance tethered drone system using optical fiber, designed for long-duration, heavy-duty flight missions. The system supports flight altitudes of over 100 meters, and even up to 200 meters, and can carry weights of 20 to 30Kg. With tethered power supply, it enables continuous flight for over 24 hours, making it suitable for various demanding environments and mission requirements. The heavy-duty optical fiber tether system is an advanced integration of drone technology and optical fiber communication technology, enabling long-duration hovering in the air while transmitting high-speed, high-bandwidth data signals via optical fiber. This ensures stable and interference-free video signal transmission from the sky to the ground, guaranteeing safe and stable long-term aerial monitoring.


  • 1. Altitude and Load Capacity
    – Supported Flight Altitude: >100 meters/200 meters (equipped with 110 meters/220 meters long tether cable)
    – Supported  drone platform Takeoff Weight: 20-30Kg
  •  2. Continuous Power Supply and Endurance
    – Tethered Power Supply: Provides continuous flight time of no less than 24 hours
    – Stable Power Supply: Onboard power supply with constant voltage, backup battery with no power loss or charge/discharge issues
  • 3. Automatic Cable Management
    – Fully Automatic Cable Management: Adaptive tension, automatic cable management following the drone’s ascent and descent
    – Ease of Operation: No need to operate the tethered equipment during takeoff and landing, reducing operator workload
  • 4. Protection and Environmental Adaptability
    – Protection Rating: Onboard power supply IP54, tether box IP43, suitable for use in rainy and snowy weather conditions
  • 5. Remote Communication and Human-Machine Interaction
    – Communication Functions: Supports wired, Bluetooth, and data transmission communication, remote display and control
    – Data Management: Client data viewing and downloading, supports 1-3 years of data storage
  • 6. Comprehensive Protection Functions
    – Safety Protection: Separation of high and low voltage, comprehensive input/output protection including overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and overtemperature protection
    – self-recovery Function: Automatic recovery after fault elimination
  • 7. High-Quality Design
    – Materials and Workmanship: Aerospace aluminum alloy material, CNC high-precision milling process
    – Portability: Compact tether box design, equipped with a backpack and optional foldable cart for easy transport
  •  Typical Features
    – Easy Operation: No need to operate the tether box during the drone’s takeoff and landing
    – Automatic Cable Management: Backup power for cable retraction in case of power failure
    – Stable Voltage Output: Onboard power supply with constant voltage output, backup battery with no charge/discharge or power loss issues
    – Data Communication Functions: Remote display and control, client data viewing and downloading
    – Display and Settings: Real-time display of voltage, current, power, temperature, cable length, operation time, power consumption, support tension, speed, voltage parameter settings and adjustments
    – Alerts and Warnings: Faults displayed on the screen with loud buzzer alerts
    – Cable Length Measurement: Real-time recording and display of current cable length, with insufficient cable length warnings
    – Wind Resistance: Adaptive cable tension control to ensure flexibility and maintain tautness, enhancing wind resistance

Applicable Scenarios
This product is widely applicable for tasks requiring long-duration hovering or high-altitude monitoring, such as meteorological observation, border surveillance, and forest fire monitoring. The system improves work efficiency and reduces operator workload through stable power supply and automated operation.

Air Power Units
Size 200*150* 68mm
Weight 2.2kg
Input Voltage 580~810vdc
Output Voltage 50V DC
Power ≥6000W, Max≥7000W (peak)
Insulation Strength 3000V (Vin-Vout), 1 minute, leakage current ≤ 5mA, no breakdown, arcing, or corona discharge phenomena.
Installation Method Installation ears are reserved for screw fixation.
Cooling Method Active cooling with external fan and reserved air duct for forced air cooling.
Electrical Interfaces XT60 input, XT90×2 output.
Tethered ground Power Station
Size 450*360*280mm
Weight 17.5Kg
Input Voltage 190-240Vac 50/60Hz
Output Voltage 600-800V DC (Adjustable) default 800VDC
Output Power ≥ 4000W, Max ≥ 5000W (peak)
Retraction Speed 0-2m/s Adjustable gear levels.
Retraction Tension 0~15N Adjustable gear levels.
Cable length 110M or customized length
Electrical Interfaces Input: Aviation plug
Output: XT60 connector
Fiber Optic: FC port
Switches and Buttons AC power switch, high-voltage on/off button, tether retraction button, backup power switch
Display Display voltage, current, power, temperature, cable length, operating time, power consumption, fault record etc.
Material Aluminum alloy casing, CNC machining
Working temperature -20℃ to 50℃
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 45 × 36 × 28 cm