High resolution 1280 thermal imaging with 30X optical zoom IR laser night vision camera

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The multi-function EO IR drone gimbal camera, included 4 sensors, a High resolution 1280*1024 thermal imaging camera, 30X optical zoom, IR laser night vision, a Laser rangefinder, also built-in Nvidia AI chip hardware, compatible with DJI M300 drone, and any other NON-DJI multi-rotor or Fix-wing drone.

The C30N intelligent dual-light night vision gimbal camera, integrated telephoto HD infrared thermal imaging camera and 30X enhanced optical zoom visible light camera, can provide higher target resolution at a longer distance. The infrared thermal imaging resolution is as high as 1280×1024. With the telephoto thermal imaging lens with a focal length of 55mm, it can quickly search for suspected targets at ultra-long distances. When the split-screen mode is turned on, the 30x enhanced optical zoom camera can be used simultaneously to further confirm the target; The infrared IR laser fill light can provide laser fill light invisible to the human eye for the night vision lens in the dark, so that the IR night vision picture of the visible light camera can present clearer image details. The C30N has a built-in laser ranging function, which can locate the distance and coordinates of the target in real-time. The C30N has 21TPOS computing power and is equipped with a high-precision three-axis gimbal. Industry applications bring more possibilities.


  • High-precision 3-axis stabilized gimbal – built-in Nvidia AI chip – built-in heating and temperature control components.
  • 55mm lens infrared thermal imaging camera – high resolution 1280X1024- 4X zoom thermal ,effective human body detection distance up to 1000M.
  • Built-in IR laser night vision light and laser rangefinder – get more details with IR mode.
  • Starlight night vision – 30X enhanced optical zoom camera – equivalent focal length is about 31.85~796mm.
  • Based on DJI SDK, for DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone, is easy to use, plug and play.
  • NON-DJI drone versions also is available, and work for any multi-rotor and fixed-wing drone.


Compatible with drone DJI Matrice 300 RTK
Weight 1500g
Size 173*152X191mm
Gimbal 3 axis stabalizaiton enhanced gimbals Installation Method detachable
Gimbal bumping 士0.01°
Zoom Camera
Effective Pixels 4MP
Focal length 6.5-162 .5mm (Full Frame31.85-796mm)
Aperture f/1.6-f/4.8
Lens diameter Φ56mm
Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS
Video Resolution 1920X 1080@30fps
Zoom 30X Optical zoom
Thermal Imaging Camera
Focal length 55mm (Equivalent to 121mm)
Aperture  f/1.1
Lens diameter Φ50mm
Focus Distance 100m to Infinite Distance
Video Resolution 1280 X 1024@30 fps
Digital Focus Zoom  4x 8x 16x 32x 64x
Palettes White Hot/Lava/lron Red/Hot lron/Medical/Arctic/
Rainbow 1/Rainbow 2/Stroke of Red/Black Heat
IR Laser Night vision spotlights
Wavelength 850nm
Effective Distance >400m
Laser Rangefinder
Wavelength  905nm
 Effective Distance 10-1200m
AI Sensor Nvidia jetson xavier chips NX embedded
Storage 128GB
Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 23 cm