Hyperspectral camera for DJI M350 Matrice 350 Drone

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The DJI Matrice 350 Drone Hyperspectral Camera, built on DJI’s latest enterprise platform, the M350. Developed using DJI SDK, this camera seamlessly integrates the hyperspectral sensor with the Matrice 350 drone, allowing communication between the drone and the hyperspectral sensor. Controlled via DJI Pilot, it offers plug-and-play installation for effortless setup.

Key Applications

  • Geological and Mineral Resource Exploration
  • Precision Agriculture and Crop Management
  • Forest Pest and Disease Monitoring
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Coastline and Marine Environment Monitoring
  • Pasture Productivity and Monitoring
  • Lake and Watershed Environmental Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing Teaching and Research
  • Meteorological Research
  • Ecological Environment Protection and Mine Monitoring
  • Water Quality and Soil Monitoring
  • Quality Testing of Agricultural and Livestock Products
  • Military, National Defense, and Homeland Security
  • Disaster Prevention and Control

Advanced Specifications

  • Spectral Channels: 1200
  • Spatial Channels: 1920
  • Spectral Resolution: Better than 2.5nm
  • Technology: High diffraction efficiency transmission grating spectroscopic module with high sensitivity area array camera and auxiliary camera technology
  • Design: Achromatic lens and ultra-light body materials

Enhanced Features

  • Compatibility: Supports DJI M350RTK and other multi-rotor or fixed-wing UAV platforms.
  • High-Speed Imaging: Ultra-high-speed spectral scanning with high signal-to-noise ratio for stable image acquisition.
  • Efficient Processing: Self-developed image processing algorithm for high efficiency and low power consumption, extending flight time and reducing system power usage.
  • Compact Design: Spectral resolution up to 2.5nm in a compact system.
  • Components: High stability pan/tilt, hyperspectral imager, embedded data acquisition and processing unit, wireless image transmission system, GPS-RTK navigation, ground receiving workstation, ground control system, and reflectivity calibration board.
  • Real-Time Observation: The ground station enables real-time aircraft sampling location observation, route data preview, and correction with support for batch processing.
  • Vegetation Index Calculation: Real-time calculation of commonly used vegetation indices.
  • Custom Analysis Models: Support for custom real-time analysis model input.
  • Data Compatibility: Fully compatible with ENVI and multiple data formats.


SN Specs
1 Light splitting method Transmission grating splitting
2 Spectral range 400-1000nm
3 spectral band 1200
4 spectral resolution 2.5nm
5 Slit width ≤25um
6 spectral efficiency >60%
7 stray light <0.5%
8 Spatial Pixels 1920
9 pixel size 5.86um
10 Imaging speed Full band 128Hz, Max 3300Hz
11 detector CMOS
12 SNR(Peak) 600/1
13 output interface USB
14 Camera interface C-Mount
15 ROI Function Multiple regions are possible
16 Built-in embedded data acquisition and processing unit Windows operating system, 8G memory, 1TB solid-state hard disk, with HDMI interface, USB3.0 interface, integrated design with camera
17 Cooling method Internal air cooling
18 Observation method Real-time observation of aircraft sampling locations, hyperspectral images, spectral data, and functions through ground stations
19 Calibration method Radiosity correction, reflectivity correction, area correction support batch processing
20 Data Format Compatible with spe format, hdr format, scp format
21 size 206*129*119mm
22 Weight 1150g
23 Accessories Reflectance Calibration Plate
24 lens focal length 25mm
25 FOV 25°
Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 13 × 12 cm