Loudspeaker and spotlights for DJI M3T Mavic 3 Enterprise

All-in-one loudspeaker and lighting payload for DJI Mavic 3T 3E, 30W lighting power, only weighs 181g. 14° spotlight lighting, lighting brightness exceeds 24Lux at 50 meters. It is equipped with a single-axis stabilizing gimbal and supports camera gimbal linkage. The maximum volume of TTS text shouting at one meter is 114DB. The effective broadcast distance is more than 300 meters. It supports DJl Pilot 2 control, supports bilingual TTS loop playback, and supports multiple languages and local dialects. Compatible with DJl Mavic 3E and DJl Mavic 3T.

  1. DJI SDK Payload, control via DJI Pilot.
  2. The speaker is 300m broadcast distance.
  3. The lighting distance is up to 150M.
  4. The searchlight and speaker payload movement stay in sync with the drone gimbal camera.
  5. The M3T spotlights support brightness adjustment, burst brightness, and burst frequency adjustment.
  6. The M3T loudspeaker supports text-to-speech, and play store audio.
Size 141.5 x 131.5 x 60 mm
Weight 181g
Electric Interface DJI SDK
Power 30W
Max volume 114db
Speaker distance 300M
Working Temperature  -20℃  to 60℃
Compatible with DJI Mavic 3 enterprise
Protection level IP4X
Lighting distance 50M 100M 150M
Lighting area 113m² 471m² 1063m²
central illumination 24Lux 5.8Lux 2.5Lux