Loudspeaker Spotlights 2 in 1 payload for DJI M30 drone

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Loudspeaker and spotlight searchlight all in one payload for DJI M30 drone, based on DJI SDK, controlled and operated via DJI pilot. The volume and weight is extremely light, only weight 270g, the effective search distance is 100M, and the effective speaker distance is 200M, it is the most efficient lighting and megaphone product.

Deeply integrated with the DJI Pilot2 APP, all functions of the loudspeaker and searchlights can be quickly called up, making the operation function more convenient.

All in one, small but powerful, two-in-one speaker and lighting,  only 270g, it has little impact on the battery life of the DJI M30 drone.

LRAD speaker technology & optical imaging, 120dB ultra-high sound pressure,  effective speaker distance of 200 meters,

effective search distance of 100 meters.

Quick assembly and disassembly, easy to use, unique quick-release design, OSDK is perfectly compatible with DJI M30

Size 270g
Weight 162*111*75mm
Interface DJI OSDK
Spotlights Power 30W (Regular mode)
40W (Ultra bright mode)
Speaker Power 15W
Power supply voltage 24V
Luminous flux 2000lm±3%
Searchlight FOV 13°
Illumination distance 150M height  1.7Lux (Central illuminance)
50M  Height   20Lux (Central illuminance)
Gimbal movement range Pitch -120°~+45°
Max Volume 120dB
Effective Volume 200m@74db;350m@69db
Speaker Way Real-time speaking
Upload the recording files
Play stored audio file
Text To Speech (supports
multi-language) Background sound
Audio formats mp3/wav/m4a/flac/aac
Control Via DJI Pilot 2
Operating temperature -15°C~+40°C


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm