Rescue and Recovery Parachute for DJI M350 drone

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The DJI M350 parachute, based on DJI SDK, the parachute communicates with the DJI Matrice 350 drone, the OWL-350 parachute features the all-new APS 3.0 intelligent parachute deployment algorithm, deeply integrating DJI’s flight platform and flight control data. It provides comprehensive situational awareness, ensuring safe escort and worry-free operations. Together, it safeguards airspace security and prevent drones from accidental damage. it is the best parachute for the M350 drone now.


  • Develop on DJI SDK, deeply integrated with DJI flight control, real-time detect drone flight data.
  • The OWL M350 parachute has built-in industrial-grade sensors and APS 3.0 parachute opening algorithm, which can accurately identify abnormal situations such as falling, speeding, rolling, spinning impact, and propeller vibration.
  • The APS 3.0 obtains drone attitude sensor information through DJI’s PSDK interface, working in conjunction with the parachute’s built-in sensors. By integrating data from both the drone and the parachute, it comprehensively assesses the flight attitude. The optimized APS 3.0 parachute deployment algorithm increases deployment speed by 20% and includes tangle-free attitude calculation, swiftly determining the optimal parachute deployment timing using integrated sensor data. In the event of an emergency: power-off, propeller stop, and parachute deployment all occur within milliseconds.
  • Redundant Sensor Design, The DJI M350 parachute sensors are redundantly designed to handle various complex operational environments. If one set of sensors fails, the other set can seamlessly take over, ensuring continuous precise recognition of the drone’s flight status and guaranteeing flight safety.
  • New-Generation Parachute, Featuring a newly designed aluminum alloy mount, it maximizes the preservation of the drone’s original form. The improved structural strength allows for efficient and convenient installation of the parachute without the need to remove the drone’s arm screws.
  • Comprehensive Acoustic and Visual Warning System, The parachute is designed according to international standards and equipped with propeller stop protection before deployment. Two high-powered buzzers sound immediately after deployment, and the indicator lights turn solid red, warning pedestrians on the ground to avoid the area.
  • Independent Power Supply: The OWL-350 parachute system has a built-in battery. If the PSDK data cable is accidentally disconnected or the main power supply fails during flight, the OWL-350 will immediately switch to the backup power supply. This ensures that the parachute can continue to function for up to 30 minutes after losing connection with the drone, providing uninterrupted safety assurance.
  • Smooth Descent Speed: The descent speed is 3.5m/s, with the impact energy on the ground calculated to be 55 joules, equivalent to a free fall from a height of 0.7 meters for the DJI M350.
  • Fully Enclosed Parachute Compartment: The parachute compartment is fully enclosed, shielding it from complex external environmental interference. It is waterproof and dustproof. The parachute fabric is coated, making it lightweight and compact, with excellent anti-toxic and moisture-proof properties, requiring no maintenance for up to two years under normal use.


Compatible with Matrice 300/ 350 RTK
Area of parachute fabric 7.29 ㎡
Net weight 800g
Volume 166*158*114mm
Rated load 9kg
Reduction of speed 3.5m/s
Alarm volume 100dB
Working temperature -20C~55C
Working altitude ≤3500M
Response time 500-700ms
Response distance 8.59m~20.96m
Opening height 20m
Protection grade IP45

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 12 cm