Tethered System for DJI Matrice 350 M350 Tethered ground power station

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The Tethered Power System for the DJI M350 is fully compatible with the DJI Matrice 350 drone. This system includes an onboard power module and a ground tether power station. High-performance alloy cables transmit power from the ground station to the onboard power module, converting it into direct current voltage compatible with the M350 drone, ensuring a continuous power supply.

The tethered Power Supply System is a backpack-style tethered power system designed specifically for the DJI Matrice 350 (M350) drone. It offers high portability, robust safety features, and exceptional power management for long-duration aerial operations.


Long-Duration Hover

  • Ground Power: Provides 3KW of ground power.
  • Sustained Power Supply: Ensures continuous power supply to the drone.
  • Extended Hover: Enables long-duration hovering capabilities.

High Safety

  • Non-Destructive Installation: Original drone structure remains intact.
  • Plug-and-Play: Easy and quick installation without modifications.
  • Alert System: Alarms for abnormal states to ensure safe operation.
  • Separated Power Design: Separation of high and low voltage for enhanced safety.

Multiple Power Supply Options

  • Energy Storage: Can be powered by an energy storage device.
  • Mains Power: Compatible with 220V mains power supply.
  • Generator Power: Can be connected to a generator for power.

High Expandability

  • Lighting Integration: Compatible with matrix light combinations.
  • Illumination Power: Provides up to 600W lighting power.
  • High Luminosity: Over 70,000 lumens covering an area of more than 3000m².

Design and Usability

  • Backpack Design: Tether box designed for ergonomic backpack carrying, using environmentally friendly materials.
  • LED Lighting System: Equipped with an LED lighting system, red and blue warning lights, and a built-in mosquito repellent lamp.
  • Foldable Tripod: Tripod legs can be folded to avoid contact with harsh ground conditions, protecting the tether box.
  • Automatic Cable Management: 110-meter cable with automatic retraction and deployment functions for quick setup and recovery.


Onboard Power Module (installed on the drone end )
Size 14X10X10 CM
Weight 530g
Power 3000W
Ground-tethered power station
Size 52×44×23CM
Weight 16Kg
Power 3000W
Tethered cable length 110M
Cable take-up/release Manual / Auto
Input Voltage 110-240V
Protection function Over-current protection,
over-voltage protection,
short-circuit protection,
over-temperature protection
Working Temperature  -20℃-+55°C
Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 52 × 44 × 23 cm