UWB Ultra Wideband Positioning system Fake GPS ROS navigation

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UWB Ultra-Wideband Positioning system Fake GPS ROS navigation, it is a PNTC (positioning, navigation, timing and communication) local positioning system based on UWB technology. It supports 1D, 2D and 3D positioning, 1D and 2D typical positioning accuracy is 10cm, and 3D typical positioning accuracy is 30cm; it also supports 40 tags and 120 base station positioning. Support distributed ranging and data transmission, realize cluster formation without geographical restrictions; support pure data transmission mode, bandwidth up to 3Mbps.

When there is no GPS in the indoor environment, or the GPS signal is weak, it is only necessary to deploy 4 UWB micro base stations in the area to be located, and replace the GPS receiver of the original carrier (such as unmanned aerial vehicle, robot) with UWB tags, and then the GPS positioning can be obtained. The effect of better accuracy and higher refresh rate.

The reference coordinate system of the label output coordinates is the base station coordinate system, the Y-axis points to the north latitude, the X-axis direction points to the east longitude, the origin of the base station coordinate system is set as a fixed longitude and latitude, the number of base stations corresponds to the number of satellites, the accuracy estimation factor corresponds to the geometric precision factor, and the Z-axis coordinate corresponds to Altitude, thus simulating latitude and longitude output in NMEA-0183 data format. The attached picture is the default latitude and longitude starting point.

For the convenience of users, only needs to send the command to any anchor or console in the system, the system will automatically complete the calibration of the anchor and save the configuration. It is really easy to deploy and get started quickly.

The LinkTrack UWB positioning system supports NMEA-0183 protocol, you can directly replaces the GPS in you target with the positioning tag. Without any secondary development, you can obtain higher positioning accuracy and refresh frequency than GPS.

Connect to any positioning node, run LinkTrack ROS node, you can subscribe to real-time positioning information, without processing the underlying communication and data analysis, making it possible for ROS developers to achieve high-precision positioning and navigation of robots quickly.

The LinkTrack UWB high-precision positioning system integrates positioning, navigation, timing, and communication. The positioning accuracy is as high as 10cm, which brings more possibilities for robot swarm formation, trajectory capture, navigation and positioning and other fields.

  • Based on UWB (Ultra Wideband) communication technology
  • Integration of positioning, navigation, timing and communication
  • Three modes: local positioning, distributed ranging, and digital transmission
  • The same hardware can be flexibly configured for different roles such as tag and anchor
  • High capacity: 40 tags / 120 anchors / 1 console
  • High-speed low-latency data transmission mode, bandwidth up to 3Mbps
  • Automatic networking with each other
  • One-Key calibration coordinates of anchors
  • Wireless parameter configuration and firmware upgrade
  • Fake GPS support, output NMEA-0183 protocols
  • Built-in three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer
  • Multi-band, adjustable transmission gain
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