Water sampling collector for DJI M350

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The DJI M350 drone water sampler –  is a new-generation intelligent water sampling system. It integrates a starlight-level night vision camera and a millimeter-level altitude sensor and offers water samplers with various capacities. The system is equipped with an emergency rope-cutting function to prevent the risk of the water sampler being unable to retract, ensuring the safety of the drone. The equipment can perform altitude and fixed-point water sampling and beyond-visual-range water sampling operations. The system is easy to install and operate, meeting the water sampling needs of various users.


  • DJI SDK develops, fully compatible with DJI Matrice 300, and 350 drones, control and operate the water sampler via DJI Pilot 2.
  • Real-time Water Sampling Monitoring.
    Equipped with a night vision camera, it can meet the needs of all-weather operation monitoring, aiding personnel in beyond-visual-range operations.
  • Millimeter-level Altitude Sensor
    Featuring millimeter-level positioning capability, it accurately calculates the distance between the drone and the water surface, preventing flight accidents.
  • Fully Automatic Depth Water Sampling
    The equipment can perform fully automatic depth water sampling, providing a precise and intelligent operation mode, reducing the workload of operators and improving water sampling efficiency.
  • Emergency Line Cut Protection
    The device is equipped with an emergency rope-cutting mechanism to prevent the drone from being damaged by entangled aquatic plants.
  • Quick Disassembly
    The water sampler and the device adopt a quick-release design, allowing one-handed operation.
  • Precise Water Distribution Design
    With a unique water distribution method, it ensures smooth operation, preventing secondary pollution of the water sample. The precise water distribution attends to every detail meticulously.


Size 183*105*74mm
Weight 520g
Power 25W
Power Supply from DJI Drone
Compatible with drone DJI M300 M350
Electrical Interface DJI Skyport V2
Control Method DJI Pilot 2
Camera 2MP Starlight night vision camera
Fixed height millimeter wave sensor
Warning lights Red/Blue flashing
Water collection mode fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual
Water collection depth 0-25M
Emergency measures one-button rope cutting
Installation Method Quick-release
Water  container capacity 1L (standard version ) 1.5L 2L (optional )
Working Temperature  -25℃~55℃

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 7 cm