The Top 5 DJI M300 drone air payload drop release hooks system

DJI M300 drone drop release systems are generally used for rescue and emergency material delivery. For example, during this COVID-19 period, in some epidemic risk control areas, because pharmacies are closed, some medicines are not available, people outside the risk control area can use drones to deliver the medicine at a fixed location and drop it, the whole process is contactless airdrop, which prevents the spread of the epidemic.
Some fire-fighting applications, such as throwing safety ropes for people trapped in a fire, and throwing lifebuoys for people swimming in lakes and encountering danger, can be fast, safe, and real-time. Improve work efficiency while ensuring operational safety.

The two types of DJI Matrice 300 drone air payload drop release hooks, are DJI Onboard SDK, DJI Payload SDK.

what is DJI Onboard SDK, there is the OSDK cable, the drop kit connects the DJI Matrice 300 drone with the OSDK cable, and plugs into the OSDK port on the top of the DJI M300, In the following pictures, you can see the OSDK cable connection.

dji m300 air dropper

What is the Payload SDK, the payload mounts to the gimbal port of DJI Matrice 300, just like you mount your DJI H20 camera, you can check the below picture.

DJI M300 payload drop kits

The Benefits of OSDK and Payload SDK for DJI M300 drone drop kits.

OSDK drop release hook mounts under the DJI M300 drone using the quick release bracket, it is stable, durable, and has a higher carrying capacity, mounted at the bottom center position of the drone, good for drone safety flight.

The PSDK drop release hooks mount to the gimbal port of the DJI M300 drone, easy to install, just plug and play, considering the load capacity of the gimbal interface, usually needs to add some bandages to fix the gimbal, ensure the safety.

In terms of the function of the DJI M300 drone air payload drop system, we have added some advanced functions, such as the drop kit built-in camera, airdrop kit built-in winch, and 10M cable.

The DJI M300 drone payload drop release mechanism with a camera, you do not need to mount any DJI camera when doing payload drop operation , with a 1080P HD camera, you can monitor the drop position and also the drone flight situation, ensure accurate delivery, At the same time reduce the drone load and improve the flight time of the drone without mount a DJI H20 camera.

The DJI M300 drone air payload drop release mechanism hooks system built-in winch, come with a 10M cable that automatic take-up and release, for some high-value goods drone air delivery, it can be picked by hand, The drone hovers at the target position and takes down the delivered goods by hand, ensure the safety of the items.

Each type of drop hook has its advantage, When purchasing, you should consider your application, budget, and other factors, the one with winch system and the one with a built-in camera price is more expensive, the normal one, OSDK or PSDK, its price more or less the same, not too much distance.

airdrop kit for DJI M300 drone