Why do you need a Parachute when flying the drone

From 2013 to 2015, in the past three years, the sales of civilian drones were 150,000, 378,000 and 570,000 respectively, 3.5 million in 2018, and 7 million in 2021. also the enterprise and industrial drone, including public safety, energy inspection, geographic information mapping, agriculture, etc. have also exceeded 1 million holdings, and the growth rate of drones is obvious to all.

When flying drones outdoors, it’s often hard to think about worst-case scenarios, and these high-tech toys aren’t as safe as they seem. Especially when the battery is insufficient, the distance is exceeded, etc., you may only be able to watch it “crash”

“Drone crash” is the thing that drone pilots are most afraid of, but it is something that happens every day. Even if UAV manufacturers have done their best to equip UAVs with a full range of obstacle avoidance devices and safety systems, it is still impossible to completely avoid “crash”. Although there is no domestic “drone crash” data for the time being, you can refer to the United States. According to the forecast of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), by 2020, there will be 300 drones crash in the United States every day, and the economic loss will be a huge amount.

And even the current mainstream security technology, there are times when it fails. When it’s completely out of control, it’s not enough to just throw away the remote control stick and put your hands together in prayer. When the idea encounters a bottleneck, it may be possible to change the idea. Since the last protection before a plane crash is a parachute, why can’t drones?

DJI Mavic 3 drone parachute

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bans most drones from flying over crowds. New rules recently released by the FAA to make the process of legally flying people over crowds easier, one of which is that drone pilots do not need to apply if they can demonstrate that they have robust safety mitigations in place, in line with an FAA-approved Method of Compliance (MOC). Avoid flying over crowds. The MOC is still being finalized, which includes having a proven parachute recovery system. 

When the drone loses control, the parachute can be opened automatically, minimizing damage. Their technology can be programmed to land a drone at a speed of 3-6 m/s. If it is a lighter civilian model, the speed can be further slowed down, and when the drone can land vertically at a slow enough speed, the damage it causes to itself, public facilities and pedestrians will be minimized.

The Chinese government is now very strict on the control of drones. If we have our parachutes, I believe this situation will be greatly improved. In addition, when the risk factor decreases, insurance companies will be willing to insure against drone accidents, which is a good thing for the development of the entire industry. “

Solve tough drone safety issues. With its help, the situation of “black flying” will become less and less, and UAVs will usher in the next spring in the civilian, commercial and even military fields.

As a professional drone parachute manufacturer, it is also manufacturing parachute systems for DJI drones, Flyfire parachute, and developed DJI Mavic series parachute Manti 2, Mavic 3 series parachute Manti 3, DJI Phantom series drones Parachute Manti 3 Plus, also developed DJI Enterprise drone parachute, OWL DJI M300 drone parachute, OWL DJI M30 drone parachute.
Manti series drone parachute, light weight, will not add too much load to the limited carrying capacity of the Elf UAV (will not affect the flight performance but may shorten the battery life). It can be reused, and the repacking of the parachute is also very convenient, just do it yourself, it takes a few minutes to complete. It is also compatible with DJI’s propeller guards.
The Manti series drone parachute is an automated system. When it senses the free fall of the drone or an accidental rollover, it will automatically deploy . When deploying, it will first sound an alarm to remind people around it, and then stop the propeller, finally release the parachute.

Relying on its own power to work, the built-in battery with USB port can work continuously for 1 hour once charged, which is basically equivalent to 3 flights of the Elf drone. And for transport, it can be quickly disassembled and put away.

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