DJI M300 drone tethered system ground power station M300 tether

Pls note that the tethered system does not include the DJI M300 drone and lighting, camera payload.

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DJI M300 drone tethered system, compatible with DJI Matrice 300 RTK, the tether system included two parts, an airborne power supply (air end that is installed on the drone) and an integrated take-up and release cable winch machine (ground power supply). The system can convert AC into DC high voltage and transmit it to the airborne power supply through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply tether cable, so as to continuously supply power to the DJI M300 drone for a long time. The automatic take-up and release winch machine is highly integrated with the ground power supply.

The DJI M300 tethered power supply system is adapted to the DJI Matrice 300 flight platform and provides a 110m long power supply cable, plug and play, which can mount matrix lamps and high-power super brightness lights for the outdoor long-term and large-area emergency lighting.

High security, non-destructive installation, plug and play, seamless switching of drone’s battery when tethered system power off.
You can use a gasoline generator for the power supply.
Specification of the Tethered system for DJI Matrice 300 RTK.

airborne power supply (drone end)
Material aluminum alloy
Size 130mm×100mm×100mm
Weight 600g±5%
Installation method Quick-release buckle design
Rated output current 50A
Rated output voltage DC 48-51V
Rated input voltage DC 400-420V
Continuous flight time 24H (powerline Tethered )
Protection function In tethered power supply mode, the drone can normally fly and land when the power supply is interrupted during the flight
Ground Power Supply
Size 550mm×350mm×330mm
Weight 16 kg
Tether cable length 100M
Rated input voltage AC 220V
Input voltage range AC220.0+10%V
Rated output voltage DC 300-700V
Max output current 20A
Rated output power >3500W
Function The ground power supply has manual and automatic integrated take-up functions, which is convenient, and efficient & convenient.

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 35 × 65 × 45 cm