Emergency rescue Unmanned surface vessel small USVs boat

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Unmanned surface vessel USVs boat, small unmanned surface vessel, for the river, lake, offshore emergency rescue use, fast, efficient, intelligent, respond to accidental falling into  water, flood rescue.

The small unmanned surface vessel uses an advanced integrated design, the built-in high-speed WaterJet motor equipped with a high-rate lithium-ion battery to provide strong power for the boat. Benefiting from the built-in multiple sensors combined with unmanned driving technology, it can achieve automatic cruise and automatic route correction functions, and precise operation shortens the rescue and response time.

  • Propulsion type: WaterJet Jet pump propulsion.
  • PP material, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and suitable for fresh water and seawater environment.
  • Shape design: U-shaped anti-rolling hull design, anti-vibration, effectively reduce drag, good for high-speed water surface moving.
  • the wireless remote control can achieve a maximum distance of 1000 meters, point-to-point design, built-in receiver, no external antenna,
  • Very fast boat , ready to use in water, intelligent course lock design, no fear of wind, steering differential.
  • Efficient and flexible.  built-in intelligent sensor and navigation control system can automatically identify the front and back, the built-in electronic compass is used to automatically maintain the course.
  • An external controllable sound and light alarm system is also available. A remote wireless video transmission system can also be selected to win precious time for rescue operations.

The benefit of emergency rescue uses of unmanned surface vessel .

  1. The new generation of unmanned surface vessels on the water does not require too many operators, and one person can realize multi-person rescue tasks;
  2. The intelligent unmanned surface boat can be used immediately after falling into the water. It can be turned on in one second and can be operated remotely by remote control. Compared with the traditional lifebuoy, it saves the rescuer’s precious time from rushing from the shore to the landing point and then throwing the lifebuoy. Speed and portability are the traditional rescue methods. incomparable;
  3. After the emergency rescue unmanned surface vessel sails to the place of falling into the water, the operator on the shore can use the remote control to control the sailing route and direction at any time, without fear of any wind and waves, while the traditional rescue often happens that the lifebuoy is washed away with the rapid current after falling into the water;
  4. The life-saving range of unmanned surface boat can reach several kilometers, while ordinary lifebuoys must be rescued at short distances at a single point;
  5. Compared with the traditional lifebuoy, the manned performance of the USVs is greatly improved. It can rescue 3-4 adults at the same time, and the rescue efficiency and success rate are greatly improved.
Size 950mm*620mm*250mm
Weight 8.9Kg
Driveway electric jet pump weight: 10kg (Waterjet)
Drainage volume 28 L
Maximum speed 6m/s
Load speed 2M/S (75Kg Load)
Max Load person 4 person ( Max 300Kg)
Intelligent control
  • 1:forward and reverse automatic identification.
  • 2:automatic stability control.
  • 3:automatic course maintenance.
  • 4:automatic cruise.
Number of motors 4
Working voltage 24V
Driving direction  forward and reverse driving
Minimum turning radius 1M
Body material PP
Battery capacity 28Ah
 Control distance 1KM
Sound and light alarm warning light, siren
Remote control specs
Power Supply Built-in battery
Working frequency 433mhz
Endurance time 2H
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 23 × 89 × 23 cm